I still have the first guitar my parents gave me when I was 10 years old.  That simple gesture has always been the key to my place of calm.

I’m not sure exactly where it is I go when I’m fully immersed in playing or composing, I just know that if a phone rings or something happens to snap me out of it, I have the same reaction that I have when awakened by an alarm clock – “Where am I? Who am I? What’s going on??? Oh….”

I love connecting with kids just like me when I’m playing at gigs and festivals.  They are easy to spot, they are always the ones that make their parents stop and listen.  Sometimes they even start to dance, even though it’s not really dancing music…

But somehow kids seem to embrace the melodic rhythm of my songs and create their own flowing dance moves.  It is truly an awesome treasure to experience. 

If you have kids and they have any sense of rhythm or melodic understanding, go out and get them an instrument!

Upcoming Appearances

November 2 - Ventura

November 10 - Santa Clarita

My love of music has inspired me to learn the guitar, piano, mandolin and Uke.  Professionally, a long career as a Video and Sound editor for clients like NBC and MTV have given me the expertise to mix and master my songs. It’s just me (and sometimes my midi) playing and arranging all the instruments.

Sharing this place of calm though my music, especially with those that are sleep challenged or have other

special needs, provides me with more gratification and satisfaction that I could possibly have imagined or even hoped for.

Now that 2 of my CD’s, “Escapes” and “Simple Treasures” have reached #1 on Amazon’s “Relaxation” Best Seller list with an additional million or so streams between them, all I can say is, “Hold on to your dreams...”

I thank you with all of my heart for taking the time to listen.