Soothing melodies for relaxing, meditation,  

or just winding down...

Jeff Gold

"...Music to float upon..."-Susan Hart, CMT, Montclare, PA

"Like a Lullaby to my ears..."- Jade Goh, Tokyo Japan

 "...Kicks my creativity into high gear..."  -Julie Smith, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

 "...a melodic escape from whatever ails you.."  -Beth Lowell,  The Reiki Digest 




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March 22 - Thousand Oaks

March 23 - Simi 

March 24 - Ventura

March 30 - Simi

Apr 4 - Northridge

April 7 - Ventura

April 8 - Santa Clarita

June 30 - Camarillo

"Wanderings," is my  latest relaxing collection of 10 original songs written for the acoustic guitar that will inspire and invigorate you as much as they soothe and help you unwind.

Jeff Gold

"...Your Escapes CD is Fabulous!  I Play music in the classroom continually throughout the day as we do yoga and movement and  I see the enormous affect it has on the kids in the academic as well as the social and behavioral arena.        -Joanne Lara



 Escapes is the ideal rhythm and tempo for massage. There are no distracting portions of the CD on any of the cuts. The healing power of music shines through in  Jeff's compositions..."      

Ariana Vincent, Ariana Institute Austin, TX

Simple Treasures


#1 Best Sellers!!

"Escapes" and

"Simple Treasures"

"..Solidly crafted and has an appealing character reminiscent of classic, early Windham Hill releases..."   

-ASOMAssageMusic. com  



 ...I like to listen to your CD in my car while I'm driving around. The music is so relaxing and beautiful, to me it seems spiritual. The more you listen to it, the more details you hear..."   

-Tara McClintok,


"..I put on "Escapes" to begin warm-ups and a young boy began the most beautiful improvisational dance.  His body flowed with the music; spirit free. He and the music were one.  I held back tears and his dad and I each mouthed, "Wow...Wow!" The song ended, he stopped , looked at me, and bowed.  Thanks Jeff ..!"


Kerisse Hutchison, guiDANCE Autism, LA,CA


..I love your recordings. I will share them with my friends/students. I see there is a lot of love in the music. You are a NADA yogi..." -

-Diana Ross, Founder, Breast Cancer Yoga,  NY

3 CD's in Amazon's Relaxation Top 10 on November 22, 2015

I am so grateful and truly thank you for your kind words and support!!!

"...I truly enjoy listening to the Escapes CD and found it very calming...The music kept me wanting to listen to more, and I even found the melodies still played in my head for awhile after I had stopped listening..."  

Autumn Blues Reviews  

" ...Escapes is pure relaxation for the body and soul. The soothing tracks are suitable for guided imagery, healing work, or simply just listening. I play it all day to relax my clients...."   

-Ray Ang, International Spa Projects, Singapore

"..Escapes really does bring a sense of calmness over you... I was surprised at how Savannah enjoyed the music, I simply played the CD and within 6 miles of leaving the house, she was sound asleep.  How is that for a lullaby..?"      

-Robin McCoy Inspired by Savannah   

"..overwhelmed parents coping with children who cannot fall asleep at night or for daytime naps will find that this CD can become their sandman at the press of a button..."

Lorna d'Entremont, Special Needs Magazine

"...I often listen to guided relaxation, nature sounds and music.   Sometimes  it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  "Escapes" is on my top 3 lists of things that  work!  It is just soothing enough to relax me, but inspiring enough to keep me focused.."  

- Kellie, "Dashing for Deals"  

We are always looking for new music for my nephew Cam. He is two years old and he is autistic. He loves his mommy more than anything and has a hard time being away from her at all, but there are the times where my sister has to go then he gets to stay with me. For me it is a treat but for him it is torture.

Much to my surprise when I put "Escapes" on, he climbed up in my lap and just laid there. I could tell that he was relaxing I just rubbed his forehead and he laid and laid. I was really impressed. He made it through all fifteen songs  which is right around an hour with out a move.

-The Kostiuk Crew


"...The melodies are so soothing. It is like all my stress just melts away when I play this CD. Driving with my children screaming in the back seat can also become a stressful time for me. The other day, I put this in the CD player and it calmed THEM down! I was quite surprised and relieved. Escapes is just wonderful...!" 

-Jennifer Clay, Knoxville, TN


 We listen to your CD in our class at least once a day. It is a favorite of the teachers, as well as the students. We have particularly found that on difficult days (too much stimulation), the students prefer to listen to your CD, and a few of students will ask for it by name "Kathi's CD" ; )  I highly recommend "Escapes" for lowering the anxiety and over stimulation of kids with Autism.      

-Kathryn Espramer, Behavior Tutor at Irvine Unified School District


 "...I've been using your 'Escapes' CD for yoga classes this week, it fits in perfectly for the type of music I like as an accompaniment to practice..." 

-Karen Whittier, Chief Yoga Instructor, EmbraceActivism  

"...Who says you have to take a long vacation to get away? A few minutes 
listening to Jeff Gold Music is a true escape. The sounds he has created are
truly magical able to whisk you away in your mind to a more relaxed and
less stressful place..
-Kathryn Watson, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker 

I wanted to let you know that our kitties LOVE your music.  Last night, 
we were having an evening to ourselves and I put "Escapes". Shortly
into the first piece, she postioned herself on top of the back of the couch
in great listening postion to the speakers and aimed her ear "cones"
towards the music. She quickly settled into this mellow happy mood
and eventually just fell into a half sleep there. Later in the record she
repositioned herself in my favorite chair with her ears on the speakers.
She was soooo happy!

Sandman did something similar as he took to the top of the cat tower
and positioned himself to listen and fell into a dreamy half sleep while
your music played. Just thought you'd enjoy knowing,,"
- Keith Simmonds and Katy DeBra


 "...Jeff Gold’s latest musical offering is a 60-minute collection of soothing melodies that invoke images of seashores, quiet forest paths, and hidden mountain glens..."  

-Debra Brokur, Healing Lifestyles & Spas


 "..Solidly crafted and has an appealing character reminiscent of classic, early Windham Hill releases..."   

  -ASOMAssageMusic. com  


"...Escapes has become a part of my "regular rotation" of music that I use in massage. I find it fills the background in an easy way - never obtrusive or over the top. 

-Felicia Brown, Spalations.com


 "...Escapes is really quite soothing and relaxing and quite different from most of the other music CD's I have listened to.  If you need to find something that you can play to help your (autistic) spectrum child, or even you I highly recommend this... "

-AnnaLaura Brown A Spectrum of Hope


 "...Jeff Gold is a composer/musician that creates relaxing music many have regarded as soothing to those with neurological conditions. The California native has created quite a buzz on networking sites such as LinkedIn with rave reviews from members on his music. He has also gotten the attention of licensed speech pathologists, wellness centers, and spa owners seeking his musical method of relaxation..."  

-LaSonya Ward, Chicago Autism and Parenting Examiner


 "...Every night, our son sits in bed with a book or a journal and in the dim light continue activities, sometimes until after midnight. It's not uncommon to hear noises in his room at 3am. Needless to say, the next day is miserable for us and the school.   Melatonin, physical activities, other "relaxation" CDs - nothing seems to get him to settle into a peaceful sleep….

Friday evening, he slept through the night - with your CD in the background. He really enjoys the music and is thrilled to have something he can call his own that helps him with the evening routine....He continues to listen to your CD every night - rituals are important to Asperger kids, and he is no exception! Your music MUST be playing every night! We still have a baby monitor hidden in his room to keep tabs, so my wife and I are also benefiting from your Music..!"  

- C. Potter, Dexter, MI


 "...Escapes is music to float upon. My clients have commented that they love the ease and flow it invokes in their mind; allowing them the freedom to let go of their day to day thoughts and just let go, and fully relax into their bodywork Treatment..."    

-Susan Hart, CMT Mont Clare, PA     


 "...I just introduced Escapes to a young private client a few weeks ago... she ADORES the music! It's really incredible--at almost 3 years old, she has an amazing musical gift and a wonderful ear. Some sensory integration issues present, and the first few attempts to incorporate my iPod into sessions left her holding her ears. As we eased into this, I used your music, and now she requests "I want music" and will point to my iPod AND hum along to songs!  I feel incredible when I see how individuals are so positively affected and work though skill areas of need by using music, as you must as well, knowing how these folks respond to works you created..thank YOU very much...!"  

-Kate Legge, Petersburg KY 


 "....I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your CD, "Escapes". It is very relaxing and at the same time keeps the listener intrigued and emotionally moved. I used the CD this morning for a client I was working with and I noticed the music carry us through the session with ease and care..."  

Radha Crawley CMT, Viroqua, WI


 "...ESCAPES inspires you more when you are in a state of inspiration and when you need relaxation to calm your mind, it miraculously does that, too. At least for me that holds true. I have listened to it when I need inspiration for my creative work and while I work on my projects as well as when I need to calm my mind to go to sleep, it's like a lullaby to my ears. It's such a soothing tune to the ears and I would recommend you to give it a try, listen and experience it for yourself ..."   

-Jade Goh, Tokyo Japan


 "... My 4 year old ASD son usually sleeps to a specific piano melody all night long. If I put it on the wrong song, he will let me know. HOWEVER, I put on your CD which is a big change to his normal routine and he instantly liked it. Never complained and we don't have to stick to one song. I let the whole CD go through. It seems to really relax him even more than the previous song which came from a "Sleep Deeply" music CD created specifically to help people go to sleep. Thank you again and let me know when you have another. I love bringing this CD downstairs to play in the kitchen when I'm cleaning after a long day. It helps take away my stress at least for a while.

-C. Tapia, Mountain View, CA


   "...'Smooth Sailing', is so peaceful, romantic, dreamy and happy. Love the gradual building of melody and soft finish. Its a perfect song while looking through wedding album images on our website. We will definitely recommend your music to all of our friends..." 

Zuzana Kaletova, Wedart Studio,  Bournemouth Dorset, UK  


"...I Love your CD, it's making my day much better and easier to stay focused.... 1,000,000 thank you's..." 

-Guilia Preziuso, Middletown, NY


...This music is the happy space in between calming for the client and therapist nodding off. I could "repeat" this all day long and never get tired of it...."  

Mary Jo Smiley CMTPT, CMMT, NMT, Pittsburgh, PA


"...I've enjoyed the CD so much it's now on my iPod as what I listen to when I need to relax. Love it, and I'm telling all my friends about it... " 

-Stephen Venneman LMT, Albuquerque, NM


  "...Escapes is complex and soothing. Much needed on the ride to & from work..." 

  -Linda De Vita, Santa Clarita CA


 “...Escapes is full of beautifully crafted tranquil melodies perfectly suited for massage. Jeff’s smooth and masterful blend of piano, guitar and strings creates an uplifting and relaxing space where lightness and optimism are palpable. Thank you for your gift of music that impacts how my clients receive massage..." 

-Scott Runyon, Founder, The Healing Hands Company, Howell, MI



   "...East meets West....I give "Escapes" 5 Usui master symbols out of 5...the wave motion featured in all of the tracks works beautifully with distance Reiki..." 

-Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg, Dalby, Sweden


"...I enjoy "Soul of a Mountain" while I sit on my porch swing in Cabo watching the sun set, watching the boats come in from fishing and sipping a nice glass of Chardonnay..."  

-Penny Spade, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


"...Soul of a Mountain puts me in a Zen-like state of mind. I'll pop the CD out and head for a nice hot bath in the evening as well..."

-Elsa Forher, Los Angeles, CA


"...This is simply a reflection of you that sits like a familiar friend that you never want the moment to end. Completely submerged in the sweetness of the notes..." 

-TZ Riley, Santa Barbara, CA




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