"..If you have a special needs child with anxiety, Escapes can be a godsend for helping them settle down & drift off to sleep.."    

                                                                     -Michelle Moore, Fresno, CA

".Kids with autism suffer from sensory overload & over-stimulation.  Your music is beautiful and helps my son calm down.."    

                                                 Kirby Richter, Eden Prairie, MN

                                "..My son tells me the music helps him fall asleep, and he usually does fall  asleep before the CD ends.."    

-Janet Kuhlman, Hudson, WI

                                  "..Chaz puts on 'Escapes" every night, it's become a routine for him, and I have noticed he falls asleep much easier.."    

                             -Jenny Revoir, "Asperger Moms" Phoenix, AZ

Russell  Greenstone

Music Can Be Good  Therapy.....

One of my favorite fans is my very special nephew Russell, who was born with a neurological disorder similar to autism.  While not techinically "autistic", he exhibits many of the same traits as other children who have autism and has become friends with many of them in the various schools and other activities he has participated in.  Russell's Mom began to notice that he was always listening to my music.  He told her that “Uncle Jeff’s” music really helps him  relax and “feel better".


Many of Russell's friends seemed to have the same positive reaction...word began to spread and it seems “Escapes”  is having some success in helping children "on the spectrum" relax and sleep. 

Here are some of their stories…..                                                                             

"...Your Escapes CD is Fabulous!  I Play music in the classroom continually throughout the day as we do yoga and movement and  I see the enormous affect it has on the kids in the academic as well as the social and behavioral arena - which is how I developed my program Autism Movement..."                          

-Joanne Lara, Autism Movement Therapy

Today we had an extra special GuiDANCE moment during class.  I put on your Escapes CD to begin the warm-up and a young boy began the most beautiful improvisational dance.  His body flowed with the music; spirit free. He and the music were one.  I held back tears and his dad and I looked at each other mouthing, "Wow...Wow!" The song ended, he stopped , looked at me, and bowed. A true God U and I DANCE moment - GuiDANCE !  Thanks Jeff !    

-Kerisse Hutchinson, guiDANCE Autism, Los Angeles, CA 

 "Our son seems to have a hard time riding in the car, so one day when we had a particularly long ride, I stuck (“Escapes”) in the CD player.

Autistic kids are known for falling in love with ONE thing and nothing else, so I let him get used to the CD and noticed after about 20 minutes he was quiet, he was just looking out of his window, and didn't seem to be bothered by the long ride.

This was the first time in almost a year that I was able to have a quiet ride, I think the CD really calmed him, and the more we have used it, the more he likes it."

-7 Kids and US

I have a few autistic children in my practice, who have problems which I treat. I put the music on in the exam room, waited 5 minutes, voilla, they were like night and day. I was shocked. I really like this music. So did the patients. Their parents were thrilled and word is getting around. 

-Dr. Florence Peters, Chicago IL

 "...We at Parenting Special Needs Magazine agree, listening to "Escapes" can definitely help therapists, teachers and parents using music to evoke a calm relaxed and peaceful sleep state with children..." 

-Chantai Snellgrove, Parenting Special Needs Magazine

 We listen to your CD in our class at least once a day. It is a favorite of the teachers, as well as the students. We have particularly found that on difficult days (too much stimulation), the students prefer to listen to your CD, and a couple of students will ask for it by name "Kathi's CD"  ; )  I highly recommend "Escapes" for lowering the anxiety and over stimulation of kids with Autism.

-Kathryn Espramer, Behavior Tutor at Irvine Unified School District

 "..Normally it takes Justin over an hour to do about 20 minutes of actual homework because of distractions, wandering, and plain old not wanting to do it. I put Escapes on softly and we zipped through all four subjects in less than 30 minutes without arguments or repeated prompting.." 

-Debi Taylor, The Spirit of Autism

 "...I have 3 girls (3,5, 7) they were all yelling and Pas started to get frustrated w/ the noise and began to act out some... it was a perfect moment to put in Escapes! Interesting... amazing... with in 3 minutes we all witnessed some change taking place. With in about 5 or so more minutes the girls were calm and the last being the one on the spectrum. These are the moments that exist w/ young "typical" children in any house... they are easy moments to find and we have taken advantage of our Escapes CD a number of times and have had great results! I highly recommend this CD..."  

-Renee Brown, Cottonwood Heights, UT

"...Every night, our son sits in bed with a book or a journal and in the dim light continue activities, sometimes until after midnight. It's not uncommon to hear noises in his room at 3am. Needless to say, the next day is miserable for us and the school.   Melatonin, physical activities, other "relaxation" CDs - nothing seems to get him to settle into a peaceful sleep….Friday evening, he slept through the night - with your CD in the background. He really enjoys the music and is thrilled to have something he can call his own that helps him with the evening routine....      

He continues to listen to your CD every night - rituals are important to Asperger kids, and he is no exception! Your music MUST be playing every night! We still have a baby monitor hidden in his room to keep tabs, so my wife and I are also benefiting from your Music...!"

-C. Potter, Dexter, MI

My 4 year old ASD son usually sleeps to a specific piano melody all night long. If I put it on the wrong song, he will let me know. HOWEVER, I put on your CD which is a big change to his normal routine and he instantly liked it. Never complained and we don't have to stick to one song. I let the whole CD go through. It seems to really relax him even more than the previous song which came from a "Sleep Deeply" music CD created specifically to help people go to sleep. Thank you again and let me know when you have another. I love bringing this CD downstairs to play in the kitchen when I'm cleaning after a long day. It helps take away my stress at least for a while.                                                                                  

-C. Tapia, Mountain View, CA

My son is 9 years old and has AS although he is  very smart, he can't seem to focus.  We received your CD and put it on at homework time. the first time he listened he didnt like the music and he failed to complete his homework.    On the next night however, his homework was completed and HE set the table for dinner. Not sure wether this was the music or because EVERYONE in the house was calm.... its funny, your music has become a part of our routine now and it seems to be helping everyone with patience and anxiety.  Many, Many thanks Jeff.                                                                       

-Mark Jones,  Victoria, Australia

I just introduced Escapes to a young private client a few weeks ago... she ADORES the music! It's really incredible--at almost 3 years old, she has an amazing musical gift and a wonderful ear. Some sensory integration issues present, and the first few attempts to incorporate my iPod into sessions left her holding her ears. As we eased into this, I used your music, and now she requests "I want music" and will point to my iPod AND hum along to songs!  I feel incredible when I see how individuals are so positively affected and work though skill areas of need by using music, as you must as well, knowing how these folks respond to works you created..thank YOU very much!    

-Kate Legge, Petersburg KY 

  Reed listened to it last night and reported this morning as 'very relaxing', and he especially like the second song (Escapes). Sounds like he fell asleep after only a few songs which is unusual for him

 -John Patelle, Lincoln NE

 I have a son, Jonah, with autism. I use it in the car when Jonah is getting excitable, or at home when it's bedtime. I also listen to it myself; it's especially great for when I first come into work in the morning, to settle me into my day with its gentle, pleasing melodies. Thank you, Jeff! 

 -Amy M Krebs, Albany, NY

 We have been using Escapes for several mnths to help my autistic son relax and get to sleep. This CD has become a regular part of our routine and my son often requests his, "music," at bedtime. I think the music is very inspirational and relaxing and enjoy this album's many piano and guitar melodies, which are richly beautiful with lots of spirit

I recommend Jeff Gold's music for anyone searching to take a time-out to relax, or for reducing daily stress, improving personal inspiration, or positive life affirmation. If you have an special needs child with anxiety, then this CD can be a godsend for helping them to get settled down enough to drift off to sleep pleasantly. I can't wait to hear more from this unique artist.

 -Michelle Moore, Fresno CA

 This is a fabulous CD! My husband and I are both music professionals - he is a trained bassist/drummer (his grandfather played with Jack Benny) and I am a classically trained vocalist - although I do dabble in percussion instruments and the piano. My husband was extremely impressed with your multiple instrument abilities (he also used to play trumpet) and truly appreciates the effort that you put into making this collection of songs.

We have a 9.5 year old daughter with Autism (she is on the high-functioning end) who loves music (can't imagine why) and the reason for my interest in this CD. Before she was even born we were exposing her to all types of music, including relaxation/nature type recordings. I have to state that with her audio processing challenges there are certain types of musical sounds/rhythms/styles that are very uncomfortable for her. However, your Escapes CD has an almost instantaneous effect on her - and on the other people I have played it for, honestly (even in the car). She will even ask me to play it, and then will instruct everyone within range to do the "relax breathing". The calmness that Escapes brings to people is incredible, and it is also great background while reading or doing homework.

If you purchase no other CD this year and are looking for one that will make an impact in your life, the Escapes CD is THE one you need to add to your collection - hands down.

 -"Soul Revelation", Antioch IL

 Jeff, Your CD is a godsend. It helps both my boys relax at night so they can sleep. I hope it helps others just like us. Thank you for your CD, and God Bless you and your music.

-Sherry Swan, Katy TX

 My son and I have listened to "Escapes" together and we  think it's lovely and very calming (especially in the car) and he seemed to "stim" less when he was listening.  I asked him if he liked the music, and he said yes. :-) 

-Jill Mayer, Montgomery Villa, MD

 Josh, has been listening to the CD at night as part of this wind down time, He reads for around 10 minutes, then the lights are dimmed. He usually falls asleep usually before the CD ends. Josh says "the music makes me fall asleep"                                                                    

-Janet Kuhlman, Hudson, WI

   Thanks for the email. My son likes to listen to the CD ~ especially when he's sitting in his own room playing! He loves music and I'm really happy that he's very content to sit and play with the CD on in the background  

-Kellie Payne, Phoenix, AZ         

 Jeff, what a phenomenal CD! I am the parent of a child with autism; he enjoys music in the car and asked me Mom. what's this? when I played your CD. Very soothing. Currently, I am playing it throughout the day in my therapy practice, were I see kids to adults. Thanks so very much!    

 -Stacy Carmichael, Safety Harbor, FL

 Thanks so much for the CD. My son Alex (age 9 - moderate autism but somewhat verbal) really does like the music. He kind of zones out and is very happy when the music is on. As you are likely aware - kids with autism suffer from sensory overload and overstimulation and sometimes need a way to calm themselves. Your music is beautiful and it definitely helps him calm down.                                                                                                                                                                                 -Kirby Richter, Eden Prairie, MN


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